Labret Cartilage Stud with Threadless Push In Ball Top/ Convex Base



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Description: This Threadless Ball Labret Monroe features a superior push-in pin top and a comfortable safe Convex base.
Threadless jewellery is convenient to use, your bar may be kept in place while the tops are changed as needed. This suits new piercings where less handling is preferred.
All tops and bars are universal, this pin top will fit all styles of 20G to 14G bars.
The pin is slightly pre-bent, this bend holds the top securely in place.

  • Guage Size: 20GA(1mm) | 18GA(1mm) | 16GA(1.2mm)
  • Bar Length: 6mm | 8mm
  • Ball Size: 2mm | 3mm
  • Convex Base Size: 3mm
  • Style: Flat back stud | Threadless | Push-in pin top
  • Material:  316L Surgical Steel


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