Ear Cartilage Labret Stud with Flat Crescent Moon Top


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Description: This Internally Threaded Crescent Moon Labret features a flat shaped moon top. Available in Anodised colours over 316L Surgical Steel.
This collection of Moon, Star, Sun, Heart, Round, Square, Triangle and Bar top Labrets are designed for Lip, Monroe, Medusa, Ear Cartilage or Tragus piercings.
Get your own awesome style happening, mix your colours and shapes, get creative and have fun with your jewellery!
Gauge/Bar Thickness: 16G(1.2mm)
Bar Lengths: 6mm | 8mm
Top Size: 3x4mm
Materials:  316L Surgical Steel, Anodised Titanium

  • Bar is internally threaded, top has male attachment, secure and easy to use
  • This Labret collection includes 8 tops styles in 5 colours
  • Available in 2 bar lengths to suit new or established piercings


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