Bioflex Dome Opal Push Fit Top Stud for Labret Monroe Cartilage


Colour/ Size



Description: BioFlex stud with a luminescent push fit Opal top. This comfortable Bioflex stud features a 3mm Opal top, a practical yet stunning combination.
Opal 26- Cornflower Blue
Opal 17- White Snow and Fire (white w/ soft colours)
Opal 30- Fire Opal
Opal 40- Multi Violet
Opal 50- Blue Pacific
Gauge/ Bar Thickness : 16GA(1.2mm)
Bar Length : 8mm
Top Sized : 3m

  • The opaque BioFlex Labret Retainer features an easy to use, Push
    Fit pin top.
  • BioFlex bar is flexible, will move with your body
  • Provides a safer dental option, less abrasion on teeth enamel and gums
  • Shortens the length of healing time
  • BioFlex is often better tolerated than any other material
  • Perfect for multiple Lobe, Cartilage piercings, allows for flexibility, hence better comfort during sleep, sports etc


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Colour/ Size

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