316L Steel Barbell with Balls and Chain for Ear Cartilage, Lobe


mm/ guage size



Description: This straight barbell features a fine dangling chain, an awesome look looped around a Helix, Pinna, Lobe or Bridge piercing. The chain is removable.
Gauge: 18G(1mm) | 16G(1.2mm) | 14G(1.6mm)
Chain lengths: 3mm | 5mm
Bar lengths: 7mm | 8mm
Ball Sizes: 3*3mm | 4*4mm | 5*5mm
Threading: Externally Threaded
Materials: Barbell 316L Surgical Steel | Chain Stainless Steel

  • 7mm or 8mm length bars to accommodate the chain loops
  • 3mm length chain for a snug fit or 5mm length for a dangling loop
  • 5mm chain can also be used as a connector chain between jewellery
  • Chains can be used to connect your barbell to labrets or rings
  • For double Lobe piercings try both 3mm and 5mm chain barbells, chains can placed at the front of each barbell to create an awesome double loop

Additional information

mm/ guage size

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