316L Steel Captive Bead Ring With Hematite Ball





Description: The Hematite Captive Bead Ring features a glossy black Hematite ball, with a subtle Hematite coloured ring.
Available in mixed sizes from a small 1mm (suitable for nose piercings) up
to 2.4mm for stretched piercings.
The Captive Bead Ring is one of the best choices for a new piercing,
it’s smooth so will not catch on clothing and the ball can be replaced
easily without removing the ring.
The ball has a dimple on each side for the ring to grip, the ball is secured in place by tension.
Sizes Available: 1mm(18G), 1.2mm(16G), 1.6mm(14G), 2mm(12G), 2.4mm.
Materials: Hypoallergenic 316L Surgical Steel, Hematite.

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