316L Steel Synthetic Opal Ball Horseshoe Barbell Helix Septum Earring


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MDescription: 316L Surgical Steel Horseshoe circular barbell featuring stunning synthetic Opal ball ends.
Colours: Op 5/Blue Pacific | Op 17/White Snow and Fire | Op 38/Multi Lavender | Op 22/Rose Pink
Gauge/ Bar Thickness : 16GA(1.2mm)
Bar Inner Diameter : 8mm | 10mm
Ball Sizes  : 3*3mm | 4*4mm
Materials : 316L Surgical Steel, synthetic Opal.

  • The quality Opal balls glow from within, creating a stunning inner play of fiery colours.
  • Horseshoe bar is internally threaded, Opal balls have a male attachment
  • Horseshoes are versatile, suitable for- septum, lobe, ear cartilage and eyebrow piercings.
  • Opal jewellery is perfect for those special occasions.

Synthetic Opal (GIA: Polymer impregnated synthetic Opal) is created in a laboratory in around a year and has similar properties to that of a natural Opal.
The main difference with natural Opal is that the naturally occurring process has been speed up in a laboratory.
Our synthetic Opal is a beautiful Opal with a perfect colour dynamicity, revealing the inner “play of colours” found in the most precious of natural Opals.

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