316L Steel Straight Barbell w/ Metallic Coat Acryllic Ball


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Description: 316L Surgical Steel Tongue or Nipple Bar with a Metallic coated
acrylic ball, these lovely colours shimmer and catch the light whenever you move!
Acrylic jewelry allows for a greater variety of styles and colour options and when
teamed with 316L Surgical Steel you also have the quality you need.
These Metallic ball barbells are available in gorgeous colours and a variety of sizes.
Colours: Purple, Green, Blue, orange, Pink, Red, Rainbow, White.
14GA(1.6mm), 12mm, 6*6mm.
14GA(1.6mm), 14mm, 6*6mm.
14GA(1.6mm), 16mm, 6*6mm.
Material: 316L Surgical Steel, Metallic Coated Acrylic.

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Colour/ Size

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