925 Sterling Silver, Gold CZ Teardrop Dangle Charm for Rings Earrings Pair





Description: Our Gold-plated Sterling Silver mini-charms will take your Earrings, Rings or Labrets to the next level.
The charms are crafted from 925 Sterling Silver and are available in 2 dangling CZ Teardrop styles.
The charms are sold as a pair or single allowing you to mix and match your charms for unique Earrings, Helix, Rook or Tragus jewellery.
The charms sport a 3.5mm loop and can also be worn with Labrets or Barbells.
*Bonus Link– Gold-plated link supplied for modifying your charm to suit front or side facing Earrings or Cartilage jewellery.
Colours: Tanzanite | Emerald Green
Sizes: 11mm | + 3.5mm loop
Amount: Pair or Single  | Please place 1 in the cart for a pair

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