ASTM Titanium Labret Threaded with Dangle Ball Cluster or Cone





Description: This implant-grade Titanium labret sports a sparkling CZ top with an awesome dangling small Cone or Ball Cluster. The perfect unique Cartilage adornment.
This Labret is internally threaded.
Implant Grade Titanium ASTM F-136 6Al-4V-ELI. This is one of the best materials for fresh and healed body piercings due to its high biocompatibility, non-allergenic properties, as well as its light-weight and tensile strength.
Guage/Thickness: 16GA(1.2mm)
Bar Length: 6mm
Gem Top Size: 3mm
Size: Cone 8mm | Ball 2.7mm
Style: Internal Threading | Flat Back Stud

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