Bioplast Curve Retainer Barbell Eyebrow Navel Hider





Description: The curve retainer is perfect for occasions when you need your piercing to be less visible. Also used for sports, scans and hospital visits.
The bar is capped with a small, soft Silicone O-Ring.
Suitable for curved piercings in Eyebrow, Navel or Helix
Gauge Bar Thickness: 16G(1.2mm) | 14G(1.6mm)
Bar Lengths: 8mm l 10m
Materials: Bio Acrylic | Silicone O-Ring

  • Acrylic is suitable for sensitive skin or metal allergies
  • Can assist with and speed up healing time
  • Acrylic bars are firmer than Bioflex, hence easier to insert
  • Suitable retainer for Hospital, X-Rays, Scans or Interviews

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