Bioflex Black Industrial Barbell w/ Steel Skull and Bonus Bar



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Description: This Black BioFlex Industrial barbell sports Steel balls and a matching Steel Skull charm, a handsome winning combination.
The Skull is a solid sliding adjustable charm in 316L Surgical Steel, it will fit both the Bioflex or bonus Steel barbell. The bonus barbell is available in either a 38mm or 40mm bar size.

    • BioFlex is softer and flexible it will move with your body and hence can speed up healing time. BioFlex is not intended for long-term use but in the short term can prevent the irritation and bruising caused by rigid bars especially when piercings are new.
    • The solid steel Skull sports a rear loop and may be swapped to either bar. The Steel bar should be screwed into the loop and the skull pushed along the bar, the Skull can be moved to your preferred position and will stay firmly in place.
    • BioFlex is an amazing comfortable option during sleep or if you need to wear a helmet, it’s also safer for sporting activities
    • The bar may be trimmed to your exact length specifications, to rethread screw the bar back into the ball
    • Add your own acrylic balls to the Bioflex bar for lighter jewellery or to create an affordable retainer for X-Rays, Scans or hospital visits

    Guage/ Bar Thickness: 14G
    Bioflex Bar Length: 40mm (trimmable)
    Steel Bars: 38mm | 40mm
    Ball Sizes: 5mm
    Material: Bioflex | 316L Surgical Steel

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