Bioflex Vertical Hood Bananas with Lick and CZ Surgical Steel Charms


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Description:  Bioflex Banana with a dangling Lick and CZ water drop charm, crafted from pure 316L Surgical Steel (implant grade). This precision design has been created just for vertical hood Intimate piercings.
The banana can be trimmed to your exact length specifications and will re-thread when screwed back into the ball.
Bioflex is a softer material and will flex with your bodies movement, creating a unique piece of jewellery that is comfortable, causes less tissue trauma and will speed up healing time.
CZ Colours: Clear
Gauge: 14GA(1.6mm)
Banana/Bar Length: 16mm can be trimmed
Ball Size: 4mm
Material: Bioflex | 316L Surgical Steel | Cubic Zirconia