Bioflex Vertical Hood Bananas With Water-drop Surgical Steel Charm


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Description:  Bioflex Banana featuring a dangling Crystal Teardrop charm crafted from 316L Surgical Steel (implant grade), Optima Crystal and pure Bioflex.
This barbell sports a unique design that has been created just for vertical hood Intimate piercings.
The bar can be trimmed to your exact length specifications and will re-thread when screwed back into the Surgical Steel ball.
Bioflex is a light material that will flex with your body’s movement, it will cause less tissue trauma and hence speed up healing time. This creates a unique piece of jewellery that is both beautiful and comfortable to wear.
CZ Colours: Clear | Aqua | Amethyst | Rose Pink
Gauge: 14GA(1.6mm)
Banana/Bar Length: 16mm (trim-able)
Ball Size: 4mm
Material: Bioflex | 316L Surgical Steel | Crystal

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