Bioplast Flexi Labret w/ Push Fit Marquise Teardrop Oval CZ Tops



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Description: This sparkling CZ Labret Monroe features a push fit, stunning
gem top with a flexible Bioplast bar.
Available in brilliant clear Marquise, Teardrop, and Oval shaped gem tops.
Sizes approx: 16g(1.2mm), 8mm or 10mm bar, 3x4mm 3x5mm gems
Materials: Bioplast, Cubic Zirconia

  • New fashion forward CZ shapes
  • Bioplast is often better tolerated than the purest of metals
  • The softer, flexible bar causes less tissue trauma, hence faster healing time
  • Comfortable option for sleep, sports or multiple piercings
  • 8mm length bar is also suitable for Ear Cartilage piercings
  • Available with a 6mm length bar in our Ear Cartilage category
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