Bioplast Flexible Bars 3PCS Set for Industrial, Belly, Nipple Bars


Colour/ Size



  • Acrylic flexible Bioplast bars available in a 3 piece value pack. Includes random ball patterns and colours, no repeats
  • Bioplast acrylic is not suitable for extended use but in the short term can assist with healing due to the irritation or bruising caused by rigid bars
  • A safer softer option when playing sports
  • Flexible bars assist with comfort during sleep (industrial piercings)
  • Will flex with your changing contours during pregnancy
  • The opaque bar creates a more discreet retainer
  • Affordable option for X-Rays, Scans, Hospital visits
  • 38mm length bar
  • 5mm glossy acrylic balls with mixed patterns and colours
  • Bar can be trimmed to your exact specifications, repeatedly
  • Just screw the cut end back into the ball to Re thread


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Colour/ Size