Bioplast Labret/ Monroe With CZ Gem Set Ball



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Description : This transparent Bioplast Labret features a ball top set with a sparkling
Cubic Zirconia Gem.
Flexible bars combined with a pretty, sparkling CZ tops is a practical, winning combination.
Colours : Jet, Peridot, L.Siam, L.Sapphire, Clear, Aqua.
Sizes : 16GA(1.2mm), Bar 8mm, Top 3mm

  • Bioplast will flex and move with your body
  • The labret features a screw on ball top
  • Provides a safer dental option, less abrasion on teeth enamel and gums
  • Often better tolerated than metal
  • Ideal for problematic piercings can shorten the length of healing time
  • Also suitable for Lobe, Ear Cartilage- Tragus, Helix, Conch piercings
  • Perfect for multiple piercings, allows for flexibility, hence comfort during sleep, sports etc.
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