Cartilage Ear/ Eyebrow Barbell W/ 2mm Micro Balls In PVD Colours





Description: This straight barbell features vibrant Titanium PVD colours
over pure 316L Surgical Steel.
The barbell sports precision designed, micro sized balls, the tiny
2mm sized balls result in a lighter barbell with a more discreet,
streamlined appeal.
Perfect for eyebrow or ear cartilage piercings.
The 2mm sized balls are hard to souce in body jewellery and when
combined with the lovely Titanium PVD finish you have a winner.
The premium PVD process guarantees a quality, long lasting coating
for your jewellery.
Colours: Gold, Black, Rainbow, Blue.
Sizes: 1.2mm(16GA) thickness, 8mm length, 2mm balls.
Materials: 316L Surgical Stainless Steel, Titanium PVD.

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