Cartilage Eyebrow Barbell With Double Jewelled Half Balls





Description: This unique half ball barbell features 2 sparkling bezal set gem balls.
The half ball design allows for a bigger gems and hence more sparkle, with standard barbells you have a tiny gem set on top of the ball.
This barbell sports a half ball allowing more room for a bigger gem with more sparkle!
Colours: Clear, Aurora Borealis, Aqua, Sapphire Blue, Rose,
Amethyst, Emerald.
Size approx: 16G(1.2mm), 8mm bar length, 3*3mm balls.
Materials: 316L Surgical Stainless Steel (implant grade), Crystal

  • More sparkling gem less metal
  • This discreet style sit more flush with the skin
  • Quality bezel set Crystal, no glue, so no more lost gems
  • Crystal has a lovely sparkle with a precision smooth setting
  • 8mm bar is suited to both ear, lobe and eyebrow piercings

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