Cartilage Ear/ Eyebrow PTFE Retainer W/ 316L Steel Ball Ends



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Description: This PTFE Eyebrow or Ear Cartilage Retainer features a flexible, soft bar. The bar can be trimmed to you exact length specifications and will form new thread when screwed back into the balls.
Features 316L Surgical Steel balls and Polytetrafluoroethylene bar.
Gauge/Size: 16G(1.2mm)
Bar Length: 8mm l 10mm (can be trimmed)
Balls: 3*3mm
Materials: PTFE(Polytetrafluoroethylene), 316L Surgical Steel.

  • PTFE is soft and flexible, suitable for sensitive skin, new or problematic piercings
  • PTFE creates discreet hider eyebrow jewellery
  • Can be autoclaved
  • Often better tolerated than metal
  • The softer bar creates a safe option for sports and is super comfortable during sleep
  • The PTFE bar is unique and will self thread, simply snip and screw into
    the Steel ball so new threading is formed.
  • Versatile, suits 16G piercings, cut to your preferred length

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