Cartilage Ear/ Septum Horseshoe With Turquoise Snap-In Bead


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Description: This lovely, unique piece of Turquoise jewellery will win hearts with its
simple, elegant styling.
So user friendly just snap out the Turquoise bead and use as a plain Horseshoe barbell.

  • Versatile Snap-In Jewelry
  • Use everyday as a plain Horseshoe or snap in the bead for special occasions
  • Jewelry can be worn as a Captive Bead Ring or Horseshoe
  • Septum, Ear Cartilage or Lobe Jewelry
  • Turquoise stone snaps into horseshoe with ease
  • 4mm Turquoise ball
  • Turquoise sits in antique gold plated plate
  • Two 3mm balls
  • Thickness : 16GA | 1.2mm
  • Length : 10mm l 3/8″
  • Turquoise Size : 4mm
  • Material : 316L Stainless Steel, Synthetic Turquoise Stone