Cartilage/ Helix 3 Opal Ball Set Curved Top Barbell



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Description: This polished 316L Surgical Steel barbell features a stunning
faux triple White Fire Opal ball top. The Opal balls glow from within, creating a
stunning play of fiery colours.
The barbell curves gently to fit snugly into your helix piercing and features
ascending sized Opal balls.
The picture simply doesn’t do justice to this lovely Opal barbell this is the perfect
piece of jewellery for those special occasions!
Sizes: 16GA(1.2mm). 6mm bar.
Materials: 316L Surgical Steel, Opal.

Synthetic Opal (GIA: Polymer impregnated synthetic Opal) is impregnated in a
laboratory in around a year and has similar properties to that of a natural Opal.
The main difference with natural Opal is that the naturally occurring process
has been speed up in a laboratory.
Our synthetic Opal is a beautiful Opal with a perfect colour dynamicity, revealing
the inner “play of colours” found only in the most precious of natural Australian Opals.

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