Cartilage/ Helix CZ Ferido Wild Cherry Top Barbell In Gold IP


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Description: This fabulous golden Cherry barbell features a glittering
red and green CZ Wild Cherry top, the double Cherries are quality
CZ Ferido gem balls while the leaves are paved with green CZ.
Ferido gem balls are highly desired in body jewellery due to there
delightful all over glittery appeal.
This barbell sports a vibrant Gold Ion Plated finish over pure 316L
Surgical Steel, the premium Ion Plating process guarentees a sleek
durable finish for your jewellery.
Style: 6mm bar suitable for Lobe, Cartilage/ Helix, Tragus piercings.
Size: 16G(1.2mm), 6mm bar.
Materials: 316L Surgical Steel, CZ, Gold IP.