Cartilage/ Helix Lobe Barbell With Eye of Providence Earring



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Description : This 316L Stainless Steel earring barbell features a round flat top
with the mysterious, Eye of Providence Symbol.
The powerful, all seeing, Eye of Providence is surrounded by rays (of light) and is
highlighted with black vintage detailing.
Colour : Gold, Silver Tone
Size : Bar Thickness 16GA(1.2mm). Bar Length 6mm(1/4″). Top 9mm. Ball 4mm
Material : Barbell 316L Stainless Steel, Top Titanium Anodised over Alloy

  • Unique fashion forward design
  • Disc shaped ear cartilage lobe earring
  • Available in 2 Anodised colours
  • Create your own Tribal style with additional Stone or Opal jewellery
  • Ball unscrews top is fixed
  • Please select 2 if a pair is needed
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