Cartilage/ Tragus 20GA Gold Barbell with Black or White Daisy Top





Description:  Our cheerful Gold Daisy Flower barbells will bring a happy vibe to any piercing. The top features glossy black or fresh white petals with a 20 Gauge (0.8mm) bar just for Lobe piercings.
The picture doesn’t do justice to these very pretty barbells!
This thinner size bar is suitable for standard lobe piercings or ear cartilage, tragus piercings done with a 20GA piercing gun instead of a traditional 16GA needle.
Colours: Gold/Black | Gold/White
Gauge/ Bar Thickness : 20GA(0.8mm)
Bar Length 6mm
Ball Size: 4mm
Daisy Top: 6mm
Style: Barbell- top fixed/ ball unscrews
Materials: 316L Surgical Steel barbell, Enamel, Gold Plated Alloy

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