Cartilage/ Lobe/ Nose 18GA Barbell with Micro 2mm Balls



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Description : These vibrant Titanium Anodised barbells feature a smaller 18Gauge(1mm) bar with 2mm micro balls. 2mm balls can be hard to source but look great in tiny areas such as nose, upper lobe, Tragus or forward Helix (Ear tip piercings).
For a sleek, but understated style try our micro ball barbells in your double or triple Lobe/ forward Helix piercings.
Colours : Steel | Black | Gold | Blue | Rainbow
Gauge/ Bar Thickness : 18GA(1mm)
Bar Length : 6mm bar
Ball Sizes: 2mm
Materials : Titanium Anodised colours over 316L Surgical Steel

  • Standard Lobe piercings are 20G or 18G bar
  • Our 18 Gauge(1mm) barbell is a nice compromise if you don’t want to jump straight to the larger 16Gauge(1.2mm) body jewellery size.
  • Worn In : Lobe, Ear Cartilage, Tragus, Conch, Nose and Eyebrow piercings.

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