Curved Eyebrow Barbell Set with Chain Loop, Helix Lobe





Description: Our curved barbell chain set includes 2 barbells one with cone ends and the other with ball ends. The set also includes a single 3.8cm chain to create a loop around your Helix, Pinna, Eyebrow or Lobe piercing.
The chain is removable and can be swapped to whichever barbell you prefer.
Set includes: Cone barbell | Ball barbell | 1PC Chain
Colour: Steel | Gold | Black
Guage: 16G(1.2mm)
Bar length: 8mm
Ball/ Cone size: 3mm
Chain length: 3.8mm
Materials: Bar- 316L Stainless Steel | Chain- Stainless Steel | Gold or Black Anodised Titanium

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