Ear Cartilage Daith/ Helix Opal Rings in Heart Or Yin Yang



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Description: Our stylish Daith Helix Rings are available in a Heart or Yin Yang
design. The rings sport a stunning, centered Opal Stone.
Style: Heart, Yin Yang Circle
Opal Colours: White Snow & Fire (no 17), Purple (no 38), Blue (no 50)
Heart- 16G(1.2mm), 14.6mm width, 13mm height (external)
Yin Yang- 16G(1.2mm), 15mm diameter (external)
Materials: 316L Surgical Steel, Faux Opal Stone

  • Fashion forward design
  • Polished hypoallergenic 316L Surgical Steel
  • Domed Opal Stones
  • Opals feature an inner play of fiery colours
  • Comfortable rounded cut ends
  • Bend forwards and backwards only, pulling open may damage your ring.
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