Ear Cartilage Labret with Threadless Push in Pin Triple Star Top


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Description: This micro Triple Star top ear cartilage stud features a superior thread-less, push-in pin top. Available in 20G, 18G or 16G sized bars.
Push-in pin tops are so convenient to use your bar can stay in place while another pin top can be inserted.
Push-in jewellery is also easier to use than internally threaded jewellery, with the bonus of no thread wear.
NOTE- The pin must be bent to secure the top

Pin: This pin top will also fit our other Thread-less Labret bars of 20G to 14G (any length bar)
Worn In: Nose | Lobe | Ear Cartilage | Tragus |
Colours: Gold | Steel
Bar Guages/ Bar Thickness:  20G(0.8mm) | 18G(1mm) | 16G(1.2mm)
Bar Length: 6mm
Top Size: 6.5mm
Style: Threadless | Push-in pin top | Flat back stud
Material: Stainless Steel

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Colour/ Size

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