Ear Cartilage Lip Labret with Threadless Push Pin Ball Row Top


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Description: This Curved Ball Row Labret features a superior thread-less, push-in pin top.
Push-in pin tops are convenient to use your Labret can stay in place while different pin tops can be inserted. Pin tops are also easier to use than internally threaded jewellery, with no thread wear.
The Pin should be inserted into the Labret and bent slightly, this step helps to secure your top.

Colours: Gold | Rose Gold  | Steel
Pin Top Size: Suits 16GA or 14GA Threadless labret or straight barbells
Guage Size: 16G(1.2mm)
Bar Lengths: 6mm | 8mm
Top Size: 13mm
Style: Threadless push in pin top | Flat back stud
Material: Stainless Steel | Gold Anodised

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