Ear Labret Stud Enamel Blood Drop Threaded Top In 316L Steel


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Description: This unique labret ear stud features a shiny red enamel
Blood Drop top.
The bar is polished 316L Surgical Steel and features internal threading,
simply slot in the top and screw tight, so easy, no more lost rolling tops.
The 6mm length bar is a good size for all Ear/ Cartilage, Helix, tragus,
conch and 16G Lobe piercings.
Also available in our Lip/ Labret section with a longer 8mm bar,
suitable for new ear Cartilage or lobe piercings.

Style: Threaded Labret.
Size: 1.2mm(16G), 6mm bar, 4*5mm top.
Materials: 316L Surgical Stainless Steel, Enamel.