Ear Cartilage Labret Stud with Micro Ball Curved Top


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Description: Our Micro Multi Ball Labret Stud features a tiny, curved row of balls. The ball row is 10mm in length, the largest ball is approx 2.5mm, with the remaining balls descending in size.
This labret is available with a 6mm internally threaded bar.
Micro ball jewellery is currently on trend. This collection of labrets can be mixed and matched with gem labrets to create a simple, understated look.
Gauge/ Bar Thickness : 16G(1.2mm)
Bar Length : 6mm
Top Size : 11mm length x 2.5mm top width
Materials : Bar 316L Surgical Steel

  • Labret is internally threaded, the top has male attachment
  • mico balls in descending sizes
  • Our Micro ball collection is perfect to mix and match