Ear Cartilage Labret Stud with Flat Lightning Top


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Description: This Internally Threaded Labret features a flat, Lightning Bolt shaped top, available in polished Steel or vibrant IP colours.
Our collection of Lightning Bolt, Star, Moon, Comma, Heart, Round, Square, Triangle, Ball Cluster and Bar top Labrets are small enough for a dainty Monroe piercing or stunning in a Lobe, Ear Cartilage or Tragus piercing.
So now you can get your own awesome style happening, mix and match your colours and shapes, get creative and have fun with your jewellery!
Colours: Gold | Rose Gold | Steel
Top Size : 3mm x 4mm
Bar Lengths : 6mm | 8mm
Gauge/ Bar Thickness : 16G(1.2mm)

  • Labret is internally threaded, easier to use and more secure
  • Perfect for Tragus piercings, fastens at the front
  • Comfortable rounded base
  • The quality Ion Plating process guarantees sleek, durable colours
    for your jewellery
  • Mix it up with 10 different our shaped tops available in 4 colours

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