Ear Cartilage, Lip Labret Bioplast with Push in Crystal Diamond Top


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Description : Bioplast clear labret stud with a push fit, crystal pave, diamond top. Includes 1 top and 2 bars- 6mm and 8mm.
The Bioplast bar is a comfortable, soft option that will flex with your body.
Guaranteeing comfort during sleep, minimising tissue and dental trauma and can speed up healing time.
The 6mm length bar suits Ear Cartilage piercings, Lobe and Tragus
The 8mm length bar suits Lip, Monroe, Chin and Lobe piercings.
Colour : Silver tone/Clear
Gauge/ Bar Thickness : 16G(1.2mm)
Bar Length :  6/8/bars
Top Size : 3x4mm
Materials : Bioplast