Fake Plug Magnetic Pairs Of Black Ear Studs Non Piercing



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Description: These magnetic fake ear plug pairs are great value,
available in 2 sizes with a handsome black plated Steel finish.
The ear plug front features an embedded magnet which is
attracted to a small discreet 5mm magnet which is placed
on the reverse side of the lobe or ear cartilage.
The magnets attracts each other through the skin, holding
the jewellery firmly in place.
This style of plug (front only) is the most comfortable, non
bulky design to wear, the plugs fit snugly with no piercing
hole needed.
Why not team your plug up with no pierce ear cuffs and steel
rings to get that on trend, tribal or chunky pierced look.
Price is for a pair (one set for each ear).
Sizes approx: 8mm or 10mm magnetic Plug with
5mm backing magnet.
Material: Steel, Magnets.

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