G23 Titanium Captive Bead Ring With Rotatable Opal Setting





Description: Solid G23 Titanium Opal Jewelled Captive Bead Ring with a rotatable setting. The synthetic Opal features a stunning inner play of fiery colours, the 4mm flat base setting is comfortable to wear and allows more shimmer in comparison to traditional balls.
Cylindrical settings are versatile and can be rotated to create front or side-facing jewellery, the cylinder has dimples for the ring to grip and is held firmly in place by tension.

TITANIUM 6ALV-ELI G23 is a lightweight metal, highly corrosion and scratch-resistant, G23 has minimal reactions to body fluids.
Colours: Opal 5- Pacific Blue |  Opal 17- White Snow & Fire | Opal 19- Green/Black | Opal 26- Cornflower Blue | Opal 38- Multi Lavander
Gauge/ Bar Thickness: 16GA(1.2mm)
Ring Size: 10mm (inner diam)
Opal: 4mm
Materials: G23 TITANIUM 6ALV-ELI | synthetic Opal

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