G23 Titanium Christina L Bent Barbell with Jewelled Ends





Description: This G23 Titanium vertical barbell sports CZ ends and is made for Intimate or Navel Piercings.
Hypoallergenic pure Titanium steel is suitable for sensitive skin, new or problematic piercings. It will not react to body fluids and is lighter and more scratch-resistant.
The bar is internally threaded while both ends have a male attachment.
This barbell is used for a Christina or a Vertical Clitoral Hood piercing, the L-shaped barbell has a CZ disc end that sticks out at a 90-degree angle with a 2mm rise.
The decorative gem ball is in line with the barbell, with the gem part facing up and out.
Size: 14GA(1.6mm)
Bar: 11mm
Rise: 3mm
CZ Disc: 5mm
CZ ball: 5mm
Colours: Gold/Clear | Clear/Clear | Aqua/Clear |  Lt Purple/Clear | Peridot/Clear | Sapphire/Clear | Aurora/Borealis
Worn In: Navel | Christina | VCH Piercing (Vertical Clitoral Hood) | Petite Belly Ring

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