ASTM Titanium CZ Set Paw Top Threaded Labret Stud


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Description: This stunning Internally Threaded labret is precision designed and crafted from TITANIUM ASTM F136. The top features a high polish and is embellished with 4 glittering CZ. The Paw top is thin enough to be used as Monroe or Frenulum jewellery.
Our TITANIUM ASTM F136 labrets are hypoallergenic the metal is lightweight, highly corrosion and scratch resistant. Titanium has minimal reactions to the body.
Preferred for sensitive skin, new or problematic piercings, hence can speed up healing time with less complications and rejections.
Colours: Clear CZ
Gauge/Thickness: 16GA(1.2mm)
Bar Length: 8mm
Top Size: 6mm

  • 4 Glittering Cubic Zirconium
  • Polished finish
  • Worn in Lip | Chin | Lobe | Ear cartilage | Tragus | Conch
  • Small 2.5mm Labret base
  • Internally Threaded bar | Top has male attachment
  • Hypoallergenic TITANIUM ASTM F136 for less complications and rejections