High Quality Precision 316L Surgical Steel Hinged Segment Ring





Description: These high quality seamless Hinged Segment Rings feature a precision design that makes them an attractive, easy to care for option.
Available in pure, hypoallergenic, 316L Surgical Steel.
Size approx: 20GA(0.8mm) | 18GA(1mm) | 16GA(1.2mm) | 14GA(1.6mm) | 12GA(2mm) | 10GA(2.4mm)
Material: 316L Surgical Steel (implant grade).

  • Hinged Segment Hoops are an essential jewellery item for those who prefer streamline, no fuss jewellery
  • Versatile jewellery suits most piercings
  • Perfect for new or multiple piercings, can be fully rotated for cleaning/ hygiene¬†purposes
  • Promotes healing and maintains the health of your piercing
  • Rings appear almost seamless
  • Rings close firmly and are secured by tension but will loosen with use
  • Body Jewellery tools or pliers may be used to help open or close larger Guages

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