Hinged Segment Hoop Ring Titanium ASTM F-136 / Plain





Description: Titanium 6AL-4V-ELI ASTM F-136 seamless Hinged Segment Rings featuring a precision design, making them an attractive, easy-care option.
Gauge/ Bar Thickness:  20GA(0.8mm) | 18GA(1mm) | 16GA(1.2mm) | 14GA(1.6mm)
Ring Inner Diam: 6mm | 7mm | 8mm | 9mm | 10mm | 12mm
Material: Implant grade Titanium 6AL-4V-ELI ASTM F-136
Not all Titaniums are equal our Titanium ASTM F-136 is by far the best choice for body piercings and can be safely used for initial piercings.
Implant-grade titanium ASTM F136 is the material used in surgical implants. It is bio-compatible (friendly with your body) resistant to body fluids and nickel free.
Titanium weighs less and is much stronger than Stainless Steel, resulting in jewellery that is almost completely without scratches, durable and comfortable to wear.

  • Precision designed fine 20 or 18 Gauge rings for nose piercings
  • Rings are a streamlined, no fuss option, appearing almost seamless
  • Perfect for new or multiple piercings, can be fully rotated for easy cleaning/ hygiene purposes
  • Maintains piercing health and speeds up healing time
  • Body Jewellery tools (or pointed pliers) may be used to help open bigger Gauges

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