Hinged Segment Ring Jewelled With White Fire Opal Ball


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Description: Hinged Segment Ring with a White Snow and Fire Opal set ball.
This Ring features a unique design incorporating an Opal ball fixed on the Hinged Segment Ring bar.
This style is based on the classic Captive Bead Ring, but with a user friendly hinged ring and fixed gem ball.
Suitable for Septum, Lobe, Ear Cartilage and Eyebrow piercings
Size: 16G(1.2mm), 8mm(Internal Diameter), 3mm ball.
Materials: 316L Surgical Steel, synthetic Opal Stone

  • Faux white Opal with inner play of fiery colours
  • Fixed ball design
  • Hinged segment rings are smooth and close firmly
  • Segment Rings sport a continuous/ smooth appeal
  • Easy to rotate and clean, hence promoting piercing health
  • Pure 316L Surgical Steel