Implant Grade Titanium ASTM Seamless Bendable Hoop


mm/ guage size



Our Hoop Rings are made from implant-grade Titanium 6AL -4VELI ASTM F-136 perfect for nose, ear cartilage or lobe piercings.
Tested for utmost safety and ease of use in professional body piercing applications.
Titanium is bio compatible (friendly with your body) resistant to body fluids and nickel free.
Titanium weighs less and is much stronger than Stainless Steel. Which means jewellery that is durable, comfortable and almost completely without scratches.
Titanium body jewellery looks great, it lasts longer, and looks as good as new after many years of wear.

  • Gauges: 18GA(1mm) | 20GA(0.8mm)
  • Ring Inner Diam: 6mm | 7mm | 8mm | 9mm | 10mm | 12mm
  • Amount: Single


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mm/ guage size

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