Titanium ASTM Threadless Labret with Stone Push-in Pin Top





Description: This labret features a Stone top and is crafted from Implant Grade Titanium ASTM F-136 the labret features a superior threadless, push-in pin top.
The Stones sport a quality Bezal setting (no glue used during manufacturing) and feature a beautiful polished glow that only nature can provide.
The 18 Guage bar is perfect for a comfortable Lobe, Cartilage piercing.
Push-in pin tops are universal and can be swapped to any Guage bar, your Labret can also stay in place while different pin tops are inserted. Push-in jewellery is easier to use than internally threaded jewellery, with no thread wear.
Note: The top is snug but the pin may be bent slightly for extra security if needed.
Tested for utmost safety and ease of use in professional body piercing applications, a worthwhile hypoallergenic investment.

Colours: Pink Opalite | Turquoise | Onyx | Red Onyx | Green Onyx | Blue Sand | Tiger Eye
Guage Size: 18G(1mm)
Bar Lengths: 8mm
Top Size: 4mm
Base Size: 4mm
Style: Threadless Flat Back Stud with Push-in pin top
Material: Titanium ASTM F-136 | Natural Stone
Amount: Single

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