Just Hanging Around Skelley on Hinged Segment Ring


mm/ guage size



Description: Our Hanging Skelly Hinged Segment Ring is totally unique. The ring sports a creepy but cute dangling skeleton charm with swinging arms and legs. The skeleton has vintage black detailing and loops for hands so can be removed or added as needed, your Skelly can also be transferred to any barbell or ring up to 16G.

Gauge/Bar Thickness: 16GA(1.2mm) | 18GA(1mm)
Style: Hinged Segment Ring
Fits Guages: 20G | 18G | 16G (bars or rings)
Ring Size(inner Diam): 8mm | 10mm
Materials: Ring- Stainless Steel | Charm- Alloy
Amount: Single

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mm/ guage size

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