O-Ring Pairs for Plugs, Single Flare tunnels or Rings


mm/ guage size



Description: O-Rings are used to fix various types of ear jewellery (Plugs, Tapers, Single Flared, Top Hats and Flesh Tube tunnels as well as others such as fangs, pinchers, crescent rings or even centring charms on your industrial bar).
When ordering your jewellery it’s advisable to order spare rings at the same time, so you have a replacement ready to go.
We all know how easy it is to lose O-Rings.
Our sizing matches your jewellery size, you may also choose the next size down and have the ring tighter and stretched finer if you prefer.
Should you order extra O-Rings with your jewellery we will check for a nice snug fit.
Materials: Black Rubber O-Rings | Clear silicone O-Rings(1mm)
SIZING- Order the same Gauge or Millimetre size as your jewellery (10mm O-Ring fits a 10mm/00gauge plug)
Black- 4mm(6G) | 6mm(2G) | 8mm(0G) | 10mm(00G) | 12mm | 14mm | 16mm
Clear- 1mm (For 16GA or 14GA bioflex labret retainer, fangs, pinchers, rings or as a buffer ring between skin and jewellery)
O-Ring Thickness: 1.8mm
Sold As: Pair

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mm/ guage size

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