Bioflex PTFE Flexible Industrial/ Navel Barbell W/ Black Balls


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Description: This PTFE barbell can be trimmed to any length, repeatedly. Suitable as a Industrial, Tongue or pregnancy Navel retainer.
The bar is flexible and clear with balls of black Ion Plated Titanium over 316L Surgical Steel.
Size: 1.6mm(14G), 38mm bar, 5*5 balls.
Materials: PTFE, 316L Surgical Steel, Black Titanium IP.

  • PTFE is soft and flexible, suitable for sensitive skin, new or
    problematic piercings
  • Perfect for a flexible pregnancy navel retainer
  • Often tolerated better than even Titanium metal
  • The softer bar is a safer during sports and is a comfortable during sleep
  • The PTFE bar is unique and will self thread, simply snip and screw into
    the Steel ball so new threading on the bar is formed.
  • Versatile, suits any 14G piercing, Industrial, Navel, Tongue, Nipple, just
    cut to your preferred length