Bioflex PTFE Flexible Navel Industrial Retainer W/ Clear Acrylic Balls





Description: Our PTFE 14GA Retainer with clear acrylic balls is a safe choice for sensitive skin or problematic piercings. Perfect for Navel, Tongue or Industrial piercings
PTFE is unique in that it can be trimmed to your exact specifications.
The cut end is simply screwed back into the ball which forms a new, secure thread.
Size: 14G(1.6mm), 25/ 30/ 40mm bar, 4*4mm balls.
Materials: Polytetrafluoroethylene, Acrylic balls

  • PTFE is soft and flexible (less tissue irritation)
  • Aids in healing time, can be more effective than the purest Titanium
  • Soft and safe for sporting activities
  • Comfortable during sleep
  • Suitable for your changing contours during pregnancy
  • The clear bar & smaller 4mm balls create a discreet hider Retainer
  • Can be trimmed to preferred length, repeatedly for newer piercings as they heal
  • Must have for X-Rays, Scans, Hospital visits

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