Bioplast Industrial Tongue Navel Nipple Retainer with Bonus Balls





Description: The 14GA Bioplast retainer features a clear bar and acrylic glitter balls.
Each retainer includes 2 Bonus glitter balls in the same colour.
Suitable for Industrial/ Navel/ Tongue/ Nipple piercings
Bioplast is a safe choice for sensitive skin or problematic piercings, it is unique in
that it can be trimmed to your exact specifications.
To trim smaller or create 2 bars- cut end is screwed back into the ball (4-5 times) which forms a new thread. Metal balls may be added if preferred.
Colours: Pink, Blue, Clear
Size: 14G(1.6mm), 50mm(5cm) bar, 5*5mm balls.
Materials: Polytetrafluoroethylene, Acrylic balls

  • 2 bonus glitter balls in the same colour
  • Super long 50mm bar
  • Flexible (less tissue irritation) during sports
  • Aids in healing time, can be more effective than the 316L
  • Comfort and flexibility during sleep particularly with Industrial piercings
  • Suitable for your changing contours during pregnancy
  • The bar combined with clear balls creates a discreet hider Retainer
  • Can be trimmed to preferred length, repeatedly as new piercings heal
  • Must have for X-Rays, Scans, Hospital visits


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