Retainer Posts For Ear Cartilage Lobe With Flat Top 10PC Pack


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Description: Clear acrylic ear piercing retainer posts with a flat top.
Available in a 10PC value pack with 15pcs of silicone backing.
The posts feature a gently pointed tip for easier inserting.
Size: 20GA(0.9mm), 11mm bar, 3mm flat top
Materials: acrylic, silicone

  • Clear acrylic posts and flat disc tops for hiding your piercing
  • Lightweight, flexible suitable for sensitive skin, problematic piercings and metal allergies
  • Comfortable during sports or sleep
  • A must have for Hospital visits, Scans, X-Rays
  • Extra long posts with slightly pointed end for easier inserting
  • Includes 15pcs soft silicone backing
  • Can be trimmed to any desired length
  • Flat tops can be decorated to create a unique earring