Septum Hanger Single Line Turquoise Non Piercing Nose Ring


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Introducing the HOLLYWOOD BODY JEWELLERY Septum Clicker
, our stunning new range of genuine Hollywood Clickers
and Hangers are the real deal. We do not stock cheap, inferior quality
copies here at OOB Piercings.
We want to reassure our valued customers, that the jewellery you see
in our photos is exactly what you will receive…beautiful original jewellery.

Description: This delightful Septum Hanger features a design that is
both pretty, yet understated. A single row of polished semi-precious
turquoise stone beads adorns this hanger, bringing a touch of colourful
exoticness to this lovely design.
Style: Non piercing Septum Hanger.
Materials: Turquoise, Rhodium Brass.