Silicone Skins Glow In The Dark Double Flare Tunnel


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Description: Our Silicone Glow Skins are light weight and sheer. The tunnels are double flared and feature a fun, eerie, glow in the dark effect.
They look just like any other tunnels but when the darkness comes they will highlight your beautiful, stretched lobes.
Just pop under a light initially and your all set to go
Silicon being a soft and flexible material is highly recommended for comfort during
sleep, sports and while wearing a helmet. Also suitable for X-rays and scans.
Amount : 1 | Place 2 in the cart for a pair
Size: 4mm(6G) | 5mm(4G) | 6mm(2G) | 8mm(0G) | 10mm(00G) |  12mm|  14mm | 16mm | 18mm | 20mm | 22mm | 25mm
Material: Silicon.

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mm/ guage size

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